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    "Fast lube with Castrol Oil - no appointment needed."

  • Auto service RonanMT

    "100 years of combined automotive experience!"

  • Auto service RonanMT

    "We treat your car like we treat ours."

  • K-O Auto Inc in RonanMT
  • Auto service RonanMT
  • Auto service RonanMT

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Customer Reviews & Stories for K-O Auto Inc in Ronan, MT

K-O Auto Inc | Auto Repair & Service in Ronan, MT

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Customer Reviews & Stories

"KO Automotive, a great place to get your car/truck mechanic work done. I have been a loyal customer for years now. I like the quick, honest service you get at KO. I have 2 vehicles that I personally own and they both have all mechanic work and service work done at KO. My family and employers use KO. We all have been happy with the service here. When they say "everything is fixed" that is a true statement! Won't go anywhere else."

JoelrF at Citysearch

"My husband and I were on vacation from Michigan to Montana this past summer. We were driving through town and decided that we should have our vehicle's oil changed. The guys were great! Turned out that just as they got our vehicle in the bay, the power in the city went out, but they went the extra mile plus and still were able to change the oil and do everything we need without a hitch. I think this was the best experience I have ever received from an auto repair shop in my life. Sorry I didn't send in a review earlier, but still want everyone to know what a great place K-O Auto is. Thanks again very, very much!"

- Angela Martin

"KO did not have the oil i used,so i got my own and the service was as if i got everything there."

- John C.

"Every time I go to K-O they are very friendly and effecient. They do a great job. Very informative."

"Thanks K-O!"

- Shannon P.

"K-O Auto has earned our loyality and trust. They treat us as if we were their parents to protect us from automotive problems."

- Derwin & Kathy

"Made my appt on line and was scheduled immediately. Service was done as requested. The special treatment of having vehicle picked up and delivered is always appreciated!!"

- Wes J.

"I had the mass air sensor replaced last week. The job was done professionally, the service people are customer service oriented; and thus far the check engine light has not come back on. YEAH!!"

- Lynette V.