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These guys are the best they are the only ones that I will let touch my truck, they are very knowledgeable and experienced in what they do, they are great at explaining everything to me and they take pictures of everything so I know what to expect. Thank you so much for everything 😊

β€” Google Review Laura

This shop is a tell it like it is shop. You know what they find that needs to be fixed, you are notified of the findings and the choice is yours as to how much you can spend before any repairs begin.

β€” Google Review Jerrry

Got me in right away when I was up a creek. Everyone was very nice and completed the work quickly.

β€” Google Review Eugenia

Very friendly and professional, gave a complete breakdown of what work they did along with pictures, great work guys

β€” Google Review Thomas

Excellent service and efficiency. I was also impressed with the written and photographed results. As an older woman, I also appreciated the fact that they didn't over-sell me on work I didn't need. I'll be back!

β€” Yelp Review

Friendly, efficient, work completed on time.

β€” Facebook Review

So thankful for K-O Auto. They are dependable and get the job done quick and right! Our family trusts this business and recommends that everyone takes their vehicles here! THANKS K-O AUTO!!!

β€” Desara Yellow Owl

Wow, you don’t see this everyday. K O is wonderful, they were friendly, on time, and exactly on track with the estimate. The computerized safety check was an unexpected bonus. Very professional. I would highly recommend them to everyone. We will trust and use them from now on.

β€” Jeanne Leighton

Charles was very helpful with explanations of the work needed and my car was ready for me the same day the repairs were done. Good chauffeur service also while the car was in the shop.

β€” Leila Roberts

Thanks. You guys always did me well. Got my cars in and out of the shop with or without an appt. Thanks guys

β€” Quennel Matt

Experienced mechanics get stuff done!

β€” Ian Dinwoodie

If you want an unbiased opinion please consider mine. I drove my 03 trailblazer from the twin cities of Minnesota my home, to Polson Montana to visit family. I noticed a leak from the rear differential casing and called around to shops in the surrounding areas. I was given the same time tables that I'd likely have to wait out about a week and a half before they could see my truck. Called KO and they said two days. They had better customer service than ANY and I swear by this, ANY automotive, hotel, or restaurant establishment. They didn't have the part but they got to work while waiting for it. They kept busy by cleaning the truck and keeping my in the loop with updates about where the part was, what would be needed and what those costs would be... those costs I completely believe were fair and within the week it was ready.

When returning to pay, they had my name along with about 5 other New Folks that had done business with them. They respect their work, their customers, and it shows. We recently returned from the vacation and we received a letter thanking us.

TL;DR These folks know what they are doing, they treat you like family, fair pricing.

Keep it up KO, if I lived there or within a 2 hour drive, I would never go to another mechanic again.

β€” Ryan Brandt, Facebook Review

"I had the mass air sensor replaced last week. The job was done professionally, the service people are customer service oriented; and thus far the check engine light has not come back on. YEAH!!"

β€” Lynette V.

"Made my appt on line and was scheduled immediately. Service was done as requested. The special treatment of having vehicle picked up and delivered is always appreciated!!"

β€” Wes J.

"K-O Auto has earned our loyality and trust. They treat us as if we were their parents to protect us from automotive problems."

β€” Derwin & Kathy

"Every time I go to K-O they are very friendly and effecient. They do a great job. Very informative."

"Thanks K-O!"

β€” Shannon P.

"KO did not have the oil i used,so i got my own and the service was as if i got everything there."

β€” John C.

"My husband and I were on vacation from Michigan to Montana this past summer. We were driving through town and decided that we should have our vehicle's oil changed. The guys were great! Turned out that just as they got our vehicle in the bay, the power in the city went out, but they went the extra mile plus and still were able to change the oil and do everything we need without a hitch. I think this was the best experience I have ever received from an auto repair shop in my life. Sorry I didn't send in a review earlier, but still want everyone to know what a great place K-O Auto is. Thanks again very, very much!"

β€” Angela Martin

"KO Automotive, a great place to get your car/truck mechanic work done. I have been a loyal customer for years now. I like the quick, honest service you get at KO. I have 2 vehicles that I personally own and they both have all mechanic work and service work done at KO. My family and employers use KO. We all have been happy with the service here. When they say "everything is fixed" that is a true statement! Won't go anywhere else."

β€” JoelrF at Citysearch

"I haven't seen customer service like this EVER! I was just driving through Ronan on my way to Seattle and wanted my oil changed quick. They bent over backwards to get me in and out as fast as possible, and made sure my vehicle was ready for my kids and me to continue on our trip. Then a follow up call AND a thank you card with a nice personal note. WOW!"

Response from the owner - That means the world to me to hear. I'm excited that you were so impressed with our service! I knew that you were in the middle of a trip, and it was the least we could do to help. If you need anything, let us know!

β€” Jim, Owners

"On the road again! It has been an emotional journey for the last year and a half trying to figure out what was wrong with my 95 Dodge van. I spent over $1500 on parts and labor with a local mechanic. I felt like I was throwing money at a dead horse. I love this van, and looked for a long time to find a good one. It has a 3.0 and gets great gas mileage. I knew I could get 100,000 miles more out of it. I was about to practically give it away because it wasn't running, when KO Auto talked me into not giving up, and have their diagnostics guy have a look. It was complicated, but he figured it out! It took 3 computer modules to find a good one, and some questionable wiring, but it runs great again, and I feel like I have my life back. I am thankful I have found a great shop to go to! I have always had "pride in the ride" and been around machinery all my life, so having seen lots of shops, trust is not a word I throw around. There is a lot to running a good shop and they have lots of experienced people for each section of repair and their own bays. They treated me with respect, listened to my concerns, and were fair with the price. Art even gave me a ride home one day,over 100 miles on his rig! He didn't have to, it is just a really great staff. The parts I love about the lay out is the shop is bright with lots of windows and you can see your rig being worked on. They have top notch equiptment to 'get the job done'. Going to a place where they tell you to sit in a cubical and they will come and get you when they are done never sat well with me. It is laid out with efficiency and experience which helps keep repair bills down for any car owner. The waiting room is a fun place, catch up on the reading or chat with people, or use the wi-fi . They even washed my other car with an oil change that they worked me in without an appointment. KO Auto has earned my trust and respect for a really really good shop!"

β€” Wes