An Overview of These Great Resources

There may be no greater headache in the world other than the one you get when you breakdown in a foreign place without knowing a local mechanic. This puts you immediately in a tough spot. You can roll the dice and just go to the nearest mechanic and hope that they do a quality job or you can select a mechanic whom has been entrusted with the special designation of AAA Approved. This signifies a certain level of professional standard for service. This lets you sit back and relax while you are taken care of instead of worrying about where to fix your car. You will experience the relief of a person who is able to travel entirely worry free because they know that they are in good hands even in the worst circumstances. Now let us begin by taking a closer look at what these AAA Approved auto repair shops are, what they do, and what they have to offer you over their competitors.

What are AAA approved auto repair facilities?

The American Automobile Association better known as AAA has been one of the most influential civic organizations in the country. Their membership program has helped millions of Americans get emergency towing or roadside assistance when they were stuck in a very hard spot. Over the course of the organizations history they have grown beyond just offering emergency towing and roadside assistance. Now they are able to utilize the health of their brand reputation to ensure that every trip to the mechanic is a virtuous affair. In 1975, under the pressure from consumers who were searching for more reliable ways of obtaining quality service while traveling, AAA decided to create a new category designation it could award eligible businesses. The organization has a strict grading requirement for how to become AAA Approved auto repair shop.


What separates them from automobile service providers

There are a few things that make the program members a little different from their competitors. AAA Approved Auto Repair has the reputation it does because of their commitment to consistently bringing high quality products and services to the aid of its members. There is a lengthy and arduous process involved with becoming one of the proud Approved Auto Repair facilities. That is all to ensure that you feel secure when you enter an Approved Auto Repair shop.


Emergency Towing and Roadside Assistance has long been a staple service for the American Automobile Association. While providing high quality Emergency Towing and Roadside Assistance is what put the organization on the map in the first place Emergency Towing and Roadside Assistance is not what has led to there complete domination of the automobile civic organization industry. That is all thanks to their membership benefits.


Specific perks and benefits for members

AAA members get many special perks with their membership.
Approved Auto Repair, Emergency Towing, and Roadside Assistance are all included with each level of their membership program to varying degrees.
Approved Auto Repair, Emergency Towing, and Roadside Assistance will be able to get you most of the way to where you want to be but not all the way.


That’s why the membership is so great.
Approved Auto Repair Emergency Towing and Roadside Assistance are just the beginning of the great benefits that come with membership.

AAA: More than just emergency towing and roadside assistance

AAA has fought for decades the image bestowed upon it for having such an amazing emergency towing and roadside assistance service that it was more than just that for a company. Well their memberships today have proven their point quite readily with w wide selection of benefits. You get travel insurance for nearly 2000$ for anytime you travel.


You also get identity theft protection, monitoring and insurance for up to 10,000$ in the event of your information becoming compromised. They go the extra mile with fringe benefits like Free career assistance and free severe weather alerts too. They even keep you protected when you insurance doesn’t by giving you free one day car rentals that are perfect for emergencies.

AAA emergency towing and roadside assistance

Of course while AAA has expanded their operations vastly outside of their initial scope of emergency towing and roadside assistance they still have a dedicated core focusing only on Approved Auto Repair, Emergency Towing, and Roadside Assistance.

Approved Auto Repair, Emergency Towing, and Roadside Assistance are the bread and butter of the organization. Anytime you get in a difficult situation in your car you can rest easy knowing that emergency towing and roadside assistance is on their way to get buoy fixing the problem at an Approved Auto Repair store. There are three membership levels available to consumers: classic, plus, and premier. They all include a certain amount of free towing. The classic membership allows you to be towed up to five miles for free while the premier membership allows you to be towed up to two hundred miles. The different memberships also have different perks and costs. At the end of the day with the most expensive option amounting to something in the lines of ten dollars a month it is shocking how much of a value bomb this deal is.


How to become a AAA approved auto repair facility

AAA Approved Auto Repair shops will only allow technicians and mechanics who have been certified by the ASE or the Automotive Service Excellence certification. This means that each and every mechanic or person that touches your vehicle will be fully qualified to help. With the hands of an expert working on your problem you will be able to rest easy.

The qualifications to become an Approved Auto Repair store also in love some other requirements. You must be able to meet all local and national regulations and codes. The stores who are privy to the designation status will be required to send back customer satisfaction surveys every month. This is to help guarantee quality. If there is ever a problem in the program it will be isolated and contained without it spreading to other member institutions. All of these reasons combined together create a synergy that will pull you to seeing it from the perspective of someone who is willing to try out something new for once.