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Definition of a new customer:

A new customer and/or car has no record in our data base = a car that has never been here before. They must bring in their car for a paid service and pay for their service at the time of pick-up.

I referred someone last year/last week, etc., can I get a $25 card?

The Referrals Rock Rewards Program is in effect as of April 2017. Any exceptions or requests would be directed to the Marketing Assistant or Administrator.

What if someone comes in and doesn't mention my name?

We do our best to root out how a new customer came to our shop. When they mention a name, we record it and follow up with a phone call to say thank you to a customer.

What can I do to best ensure they mention my name?

Our referral cards actually has a space in the back for names. Use those cards to help them ensure they mention your name. Or simply ask them to mention your name when they check in.

How will I receive my $25 card?

We will send an email and call all qualifying referring customers to thank them. We will then confirm the mailing address and send out the $25 card.

What if I lose, or forget my $25 card?

We encourage our customers to put them in a secure place right away. If you forgot it, bring it back the next time or run home and get it! Any and all exceptions are made by the Marketing Assistant or Administrator.

Can I give my $25 card for anyone to use?

Of course! They can be gifted to anyone towards their next repair.

Can I use more than one card at a time to pay for my service?

Of course! You earned them so you can use them all at once or one at a time.

Can I use another discount with the Referrals Rewards?

Yes. Rewards and discounts are applied to the total. The Reward amount will be applied first and additional incentives are applied to the subtotal afterwards.

What does my card not cover on my repair order?

Please see our Important Program Information disclaimer below for additional items not covered by the card.

What if I don't use the entire $25 card on my repair order?

Any balance left on the card cannot be carried over or placed on account for use on another repair.

Important Program Information

The card has no cash value. Cards or program terms cannot be applied to past repairs or payments. K-O Auto Inc., reserves the right to discontinue or modify the program without prior notice. The card cannot be used to pay for or towards any non-vehicle repairs issued by K-O Auto Inc. such as but not limited to: Storage fees, Liens, Settlements, or repair invoice generated.


Administrator & Marketing Director – James, Cris

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